After a marvelous weekend amongst friends at Comporta, in a house whose decoration led back to the 70’s, Rolland Berda found himself wondering if the rest of the country would be so heart-breaking as Comporta.

So, he decided to come back to Portugal and stay in Lisbon the week after.

He was so impressed with the city that, for the next six months, he was there every week.

While in Genève, Autumn was arriving, Portugal was still living an endless vibrant summer. The first four months in Lisbon offered him the opportunity to discover a city with a tremendous potential for development.

So, he decided to come and invest in Lisbon and, therefore, spent a lot of time with real estate experts and clearly understood that an amazing adventure had just begun.

Although the beginning was very easy, several challenges crossed his path. Nevertheless, he found two incredible projects in amazing sceneries, Graça belvedere, a location with an incredible view over the city of Lisbon and the river Tagus and, Radio Palace, located in an idyllic historical and prestige area, Lapa.

So, he approached his father, Claude Berda, to join him on this adventure and, together, decided to commit themselves to a second pursuit, a humanitarian one.

A project that would involve the country and its people in pursuing sustainable development goals: a more equitable, fair and sustainable society, “a society for all” - Magnolia Programme.

Within the spirit of the Magnolia Foundation, they’ve formed the Magnolia Gallery which aims to identify and nurture the most accomplished young artists in the visual and design arts and assist them in their professional development. 

Lastly, to share his love for Portugal with others, he launched Lisbonne Idée; a communication platform in 3 different languages that intends to be a tourism portal specialized in the city of Lisbon - an aggregator of the best places to stay, to eat, to embrace and to fall in love with the city, as he did.

Rolland Berda - VGPT Portugal